Buyer’s Guide: Freestanding Bathtubs

Buyer’s Guide: Freestanding Bathtubs Published - September 19, 2017
The latest wave of freestanding tubs is making a splash in the world of bathroom design. They are attention-commanding statement pieces, beloved both for their aesthetics and for the deep soak they can provide. Whether intended for a bathroom makeover or new build, a freestanding tub can instantly provide the luxurious spa feeling that many homeowners covet. Available in an extensive variety of styles and materials, they work beautifully with most design styles, from farmhouse to contemporary and beyond. When shopping around for the ideal tub to be featured in your new bathroom, there are several factors that you should consider. Since freestanding tubs play much more of a starring role than the integrated variety, you will find that the emphasis on looks will be a much bigger part of your overall consideration. Tub Size Freestanding bathtubs are available in a variety of different lengths and widths…

How To Prepare Your Community For The Next Hurricane With Evercondo

How To Prepare Your Community For The Next Hurricane With EvercondoSeptember 20, 2017, By  In the wake of disasters such as Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma, we are reminded of the vast importance of communication and keeping communities informed and connected. When these types of events occur, there is often panic and chaos. Communities are faced with many questions about how to prepare in advance, where to find updated news, and what to do after the storm has passed. Platforms such as Evercondo are essential for staying organized and having necessary information available in one convenient location. Before a Storm Before a natural disaster strikes, Condo Associations and HOAs should reach out to members and let them know how they can prepare and what safety precautions to take. They can also share what the Association is doing to keep property and members safe. Instead of relying on members to get information from a variety of outlets, Evercondo can be used to send announce…

Tips To Prepare Your Home For A Newborn

Tips To Prepare Your Home For A Newborn- Courtesy of Anita Clark 
About Anita Clark RealtorAnita Clark has written 879 posts on this blog.  Anita is a residential Real Estate Agent in Warner Robins Georgia, with Coldwell Banker SSK Realtors (478) 953-8595, aiding buyers and sellers with all their real estate questions on her Warner Robins blog.
Whether you just bought a house or are a longtime homeowner, it can still be a daunting task to prepare your home for a newborn. That is especially true if you are expecting the birth of your first child. Obviously, you will want to make preparations long before you go into labor. Obviously you will rely on friends and family for advice, but in the event they are not available or you are seeking out answers for yourself, this checklist will help. There really is no substitute to being ready, so do not procrastinate, and be sure to follow the tips below to prepare your home for a newborn!

Your Baby Will Need A Place To Sleep Now that …

A beginner's guide to buying appliances

(NC) With so many options to consider, shopping for appliances can sometimes feel overwhelming. Function, size and design — it's about finding the right model for your lifestyle. Here are a few helpful insights from The Home Depot Canada to consider before making your next appliance purchase.


The sky's the limit when it comes to configuration — top-mount, bottom-mount and side-by-side are just the beginning. Review your daily needs and consider special features such as easy access doors, multi-tier freezer sections, icemakers, second refrigerator drawer options, convertible freezer sections, wine chillers and even smart home-connected capabilities.

Think outside traditional white or stainless-steel finishes. Instead, bring a contemporary feel to your kitchen with slate, glossy or matte black stainless or even a warm, gold-hued veneer. 


 New designs have a host of convenient options available, like double ovens that cook at …

150 Reasons we love being Canadian!

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Tags: Canada 150 1. Free healthcare 2. World renowned politeness 3. Visits from the Royal Family 4. Cultural diversity 5. Poutine 6. Ketchup Chips 7. Hockey Night In Canada 8.CBC’s Peter Mansbridge 9. Tim Hortons 10. Canadian comedians like Jim Carrey, Martin Short, Mike Myers, Will Arnett, Michael Cera, Eugene Levy, John Candy and Russell Peters 11. Wayne Gretzy 12. High Park’s Cherry Blossom festival 13. Inclusivity 14. Nanaimo bars from B.C. 15. Canadian spelling: favourite, colours, neighbours 16. The smell of Evergreens

Gardening Tips for Your New Home

April 25, 2017

Decor & DIYFirst Time Home Buyers Gardening Tips for Your New Home
Spring is a time of renewal, when things start to come back to life and we can start to enjoy our outdoor space again. It’s also a great time to take advantage of the mild weather to do some much-needed gardening tasks around the house! 1) Don’t Plant Trees too Close to Your HomeIf you’ve just moved into a new home, you likely don’t have any established trees yet. If you do choose to plant trees around your property this spring to add some shade to your garden, make sure you’re planting them a safe distance from your home. Consider how large your plant species will get when it reaches maturity, and leave enough space between it and your home. Trees that are too close to your home could cause damage to the roof during a storm. 2) Clean Out Your GardenOver the fall and winter, garden debris can build up throughout your property, and will need to be cleared in the spring. Clear up the las…