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Community Master plan

Located on Toronto’s inner harbour alongside the water’s edge, AQUAVISTA is the second phase of the Bayside Toronto community, a fully integrated mixed-use waterfront neighbourhood where people will come to live, work, learn and play.
This vibrant LEED® Gold neighbourhood, led by master developer Hines has been purposefully created in small-scale, people-friendly elements with short streets for a sense of intimacy and community. Buildings will be oriented to the lake with a focus on sunlight and views. Civic uses will include Aitken Place Park, a library, educational facilities, day-care, community services and a grand continuous water’s edge boardwalk and tree lined promenade.

Waterfront Waterfront revitalization destined to make AQUAVISTA the prime water’s edge address
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OVERVIEWOverlooking Lush Parkland And Blue Vistas
Experience the best of both worlds from an east-facing suite in Aquavista at Bayside. Live alongside the gorgeous blue vistas of Lake …



OWN WITH $7445*
Deposit Structure $5000 on signing
5% less $5000 in 30 days 
 5% in 90 days  ( Interest Free Loan From Builder )
5% in 180 days ( Interest Free Loan From Builder )

Occupancy Commencing: Fall 2017
 Locker: Wait List
  STUDIO = $9000
  1 BEDROOM = $11,000
  1 BED + DEN under $450,000 = $11,500
  1 BED + DEN over $450,000 = $13,000
  2 BEDROOM and larger = $20,000 
 Maintenance Approximately $0.57 per square foot
 Hydro and Water Metered Separately

Decide When to Sell Your Home?

Decide When To Sell Your Home? In real estate, timing is the essence.It does influence your home’s selling price. Let’s see if we can make timing work for you. Status report. Is it a buyer’s or a seller’s market?
When there are lots of people looking for homes but not many for sale, this is called a ‘seller’s market’, because the seller has something everybody wants. When there are more homes for sale and not many people buying them, this is called a “buyer’s market” because buyers have more power of choice. A REALTOR® is the best person to consult about this. How quickly do you need to sell your home?
In a seller’s market, top price and a fast sale can go hand-in-hand. In a buyer’s market, more sellers are competing for your potential buyer. If you have to sell right now, you may wish to lower your asking price a bit to speed up the sale. REALTORS® are masters at figuring the price-to-listing ratio and know how to attract offers without going unnecessarily low. ww…

What does your coffee say about you?


(NC) We've all heard the saying “tell me what you eat and I'll tell you who you are.” But if you tell me what kind of coffee you drink, I'll tell you who you really are. The days when the vast majority of Canadians thought of coffee only as a cup of filtered or instant coffee are long gone. Specialized coffee shops have become very popular and recently, single-serving systems like the Keurig systems, have taken up residence on Canadians' kitchen counters. Customers are discovering a wide variety of coffee products and enjoying high-quality coffee in the comfort of their own home. According to survey results from the book The You Code and the website, your type of coffee can say a lot of things about your personality. If you want to know something about someone you just met or are wondering what that handsome gentleman who just ordered a macchiato might be into, read these matching coffee-personalities: • Latte drinker: These people like…

Take this 3-minute summer party refresher

Image (NC) Summer is here and along with it comes an endless stream of picnics, pool parties and barbecues where you can kick back and relax with the ones you love. While these events make for great memories, they also come with a lot of work. As you start preparing for your parties – big or small – here are three important things to focus on: Location: Remembering where you're going to be and what you're going to be doing is key to hosting a stress-free party. If you're outside, do you or your guests need hats, sunscreen or glasses? If there are children attending, do they need different snacks or toys? Identifying potential issues beforehand will eliminate day-of stress and will allow you to enjoy the party with all of your guests. Music: Think about the mood you're trying to set and pick the best tunes to complement your party. If you're not a music aficionado, don't worry. There are great apps like Spotify to take the hard work out of creat…