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Protecting your basement from winter water damage

Protecting your basement from winter water damage Published - January 7, 2016 Ensuring your basement is warm, dry and comfortable in the spring means taking some steps outside your home to protect your basement from water damage. We spoke with Tony Romanelli of RCC Waterproofing, a company that has been providing fixing damp basements and foundation cracks in homes in Toronto since 1920, about protecting your basement with waterproofing. Inspect your eaves and downspouts “A lot of time when people are moving snow, they’ll disconnect (the downpipe) and that can cause a big flood in the basement when the first rain comes,” says Romanelli. Check your downspouts to make sure they’re connected and facing the right way: away from your home. Shovel smart Make sure you’re shoveling snow away from your home’s foundation. If snow is piled up against your house, it can cause damage in the spring when it melts. “Water needs somewhere to go,” says Romanelli. “I…

4 questions to ask yourself before starting a renovation

(NC) One of the worst mistakes a homeowner can make when tackling a major renovation is to jump in sledgehammer first without a plan. Whether you're an aspiring homeowner looking to enter the housing market with a “fixer upper,” or coming into the New Year looking to renovate and add function or value to your space, a renovation can be a good solution, but it can also be mess. Dust and hard work aside, a renovation has obvious appeal as it generally brings a higher resale price. Many don't realize that planning for a renovation sometimes requires even more work than the execution itself, but if you're up for it, the end result is a bigger and better home.                                     So, here's what you need to ask yourself before any renovation:
1. What is your budget? When planning for a renovation, always be conservative. If your budget is $100,000, plan to spend $80,000. Renovations are almost always guaranteed to go over b…