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Why should you invest in URL Condos?

Why invest in Waterloo?

4th largest urban center in Ontario210th Largest in Canada1 Hour and 15 minutes from TorontoGoogle has moved in! Expected Population in 2031 701,000Waterloo’s LRT ION – Rapid Transit 

Justin Trudeau endorses Waterloo in a clip of his speech at the World Economic Forum      

Go through these following articles from the media to realise, why Waterloo is the hot cake for real estate investment! World’s largest hardware technology hub to be built in Kitchener-Waterloo World’s largest hardware technology hub to be built in Kitchener-WaterlooSilicon Valley North Fuels Canada Condo Boom as Google Moves In Michael Wekerle does Waterloo: Father of six with rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle sees money to be  made on BlackBerry’s troubles
Shopify makes big push in Waterloo

Home Buying: Tips for Spotting the Upgrades

Home Buying: Tips for Spotting the UpgradesPosted by Debbie Drummond on Wednesday, September 7th, 2016 at 3:11pm.

The home buying process involves visiting multiple listings and determining which fits both your lifestyle and your budget. While many homes in the same neighborhood may share similar or almost identical floor plans, it's the finishes and upgrades that can make one stand out from the others. Rely on your real estate professional and the following tips for spotting the upgrades and deciding which top your list of must-haves when buying a home. Hardwood vs Carpet Pros & Cons Whether you prefer hardwood floors or carpet, the flooring throughout a home often becomes a deciding factor when weighing the pros and cons before a decision is made to purchase. On average, hardwood flooring and certain tile will be a more expensive feature. To spot the higher end upgrades in flooring, keep an eye out for the following: Natural stone: in particular marble (usually in entranceway…