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Top 5 tips to get your home through winter

(NC) Cold temperatures, snow and ice may be the ideal ingredients for a winter wonderland, but winter's harsh conditions can also wreak havoc on your home. A little preventative maintenance can help lower your energy bills, avoid more costly repairs and/or increase the lifespan of your home. Addressing the following priority items will make the greatest impact: 1. Insulation. One of the easiest and most effective defences against heat loss is proper insulation. Prevent cold drafts from entering and the loss of heated air through basement headers, which, when left exposed, can make your furnace work harder. Look for a moisture-resistant product with high thermal performance. For this, retailers tell us that Roxul Comfortbatt stone wool insulation is a top seller. It makes installation simple––all that's needed is a serrated blade or bread knife. Cut the batt to fit the cavity and press into place. The insulation will help improve energy efficiency as soon as it's in place an…