Thursday, 11 December 2014

Before you Invest in a property
Before  you invest in a  property,
(1)  For new house or condominium, one  must check the developer's/builder's reputation , rating and market share in the particular segment.  Don't rush into buy  condominium, new or resale house  before consulting your real estate agent.
(2) One must check title of the property. It must be free from encumbrance ,lien or any burden.
(3) One must check zoning restriction and please check that it is not belonging to any heritage property otherwise it will affect your future value. One must check it from competent authorities.
(4) Investment property should be generating enough cash flow or capital gain more than current or possible inflation in the market.
(5) Check documentation required at the time of  sale of property and must check  requirement,

conditions or restrictions existed  on title before putting it for sale on that property.
(6) Most important step before searching property is  look for a  real estate agent who can make your dream true by his/her professionalism and his/her team of experts including  surveyor, lawyer, home inspector, mortgage agent, handyman etc.
         Enjoy the  journey of ownership through a expert real estate agent . Writer of article is a real estate agent practicing in Residential, Commercial & Investment properties including Pre construction and Resale Condominiums in Greater Toronto Area.
         Hope this information will help you in real estate investment.

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