Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Easy 'clean-as-you-go' quick tips for holiday entertaining

(NC) Whether you are hosting the big family event, out-of-town guests or scrambling to entertain unexpected drop-ins, you want to spend time enjoying the season, not fussing about the clean-up.

From making delicious messes in the kitchen to building creative crafting projects in the living room, your home is bound to see a little dirt over the holidays. This year instead of fretting, do it differently. Strategically-timed clean-ups during your favourite mess-making entertaining endeavours alleviates the pressure of hosting duties and allows for maximum time making special memories.

A little pre-planning goes a long way. Keep in mind the following tips to clean as you go:

Keep an all-purpose cleaner in your hall closet: It happens every year. Salt stains dragged in from outdoors. To keep the dirt at bay, an easy-to-use solution like Green Works Naturally-Derived All-Purpose Cleaner can be kept by the front door to remove salt and other unexpected "gifts" family and friends may bring into your home.

Give your bathroom a 60-second touch-up: Make no mistake, your main floor bathroom will see a lot of foot traffic during the holiday season. Pre-plan a 60-second wipe down of bathroom sinks and counters with compostable wipes to prevent messy build ups. Keep them under the sink for handy access.

Build in a per-dinner breather: In that precious gap that exists between cooking and plating your food, use that cooling-off period to give your kitchen surfaces a preliminary wipe down. This will prevent any spills from drying out and make your post-meal clean-up that much easier.


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