Sunday, 11 January 2015

6 tips for sensational entertaining

Don't let an upcoming party or get-together stress you out. Follow these quick tips to make entertaining simple and easy: 

• Start early, create a budget, make a list and prepare everything you can in advance. Not only will this reduce stress, it will also give you more time to spend with guests.

• Keep food and drinks simple. Look for recipes that can be made ahead of time. If you want to try something new, make sure to do a trial run first. 

• Use a single serve brewer to easily offer beverages to suit everyone's taste. At the touch of a button, dazzle your guests with restaurant favourites like the sweet and creamy French Vanilla Cappuccino from Tim Hortons, as well as the classic flavour of their Steeped Tea.

• Determine where you would like to serve food and drinks, and double-check the layout of each room. Creating the ideal flow will make it easy for guests to move about and mingle. 

• Set the mood with a great playlist. Create a list ahead of time to last throughout the evening so you can set it and forget it. 
• Don't rush to clean up. Make sure any leftovers are safely stored in the fridge and consider soaking dirty dishes, but leave the rest of the cleanup until after your guests go home.
Most importantly, have fun and enjoy the evening because your guests definitely will.

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