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How can I avoid frozen pipes during cold weather?

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An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure when it comes to home plumbing; here are a few tips to prevent frozen pipes this winter. Water freezing in your home’s pipes is a costly, inconvenient plumbing emergency for many home-owners—even more so if the cold weather comes at an unexpected time. The best advice is to try to make sure you’re ready for cold weather before it happens. Here are a few tips that might help you avoid this messy problem. What causes frozen pipes to burst? When water in pipes freezes, it expands and exerts a great deal of pressure on the plastic or metal pipe from the inside. It can break out of whatever space is confining it, even if the material is strong and otherwise durable. The pipes that freeze and break most frequently are those exposed to exterior cold, such as sprinkler lines, pipes leading to and from pools, and water supply lines in unheated parts of the home, such as storage sheds, garages, attics…

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Drink more water to change your life

(NC) According to a recent survey conducted by Brita, more than three quarters of Canadians admit they aren't drinking enough water and choose a sugar-sweetened beverage over healthier options.
Human bodies are composed of roughly 60 per cent water, so that means when we are dehydrated, it affects the performance of the majority of our body. Adding more water to your diet will not only improve your overall health and wellness, but it will help the body to function better. Here are four everyday things that staying hydrated will improve:
1. Headaches – Often head pain is caused by dehydration.2. Less joint pain – Drinking water can reduce join pain by keeping the cartilage soft and           hydrated.3. Glowing skin – Regular water consumption can improve the colour and texture of skin.4. Weight Management – Staying hydrated is essential to maintaining a healthy diet and can     aid in weight loss.

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How to be prepared for power failures


(Courtesy of   Severe weather conditions can lead to unexpected power failures. Learn more about what you can do to prepare your family for a power failure. Power failures can leave you and your family without heating or air conditioning, electricity, hot water, or even running water. This can make life at home difficult or even unbearable. Here are a few simple steps you can take to lessen the effects of a power failure: Learn what to do before, during, and after an emergency: Pay attention to what news broadcasts are saying before severe weather hits. You can learn what your family will be up against and be able to prepare accordingly. Know the risks and hazards your community or region may face during an emergency scenario that could cause power failures.Create an emergency plan for your family: Let everyone know what to do and where to go in case of an emergency. Unfortunately, your family might not all be together during a power failure. Discuss what to do if you’…

Save money and energy this winter

(NC) Most of the energy used by individual Ontarians goes to heating and cooling homes – and by now, our furnaces have been up and running in full force for the past few months. During the long and cold winter heating season, there are a number of ways to cut back and save on bills, so here are a few top tips to put dollars back in your wallet this year from Enbridge Gas Distribution:
In the kitchen • Turn the oven off a few minutes before the cooking time is over. The heat remaining in the oven will finish the job. • Only preheat the oven for baking – and then, only for about seven minutes. Most foods, such as roasts and casseroles, don't need a preheated oven to cook properly. In the wash room • Sing shorter songs in the shower. The average shower is about eight minutes. Try reducing to five or six. • Install energy-efficient showerheads. • The best temperature for your water heater is 54 degrees Celsius. That's hot enough for washing, showers and baths, …

Benefits of a Buyer Representation Agreement (B.R.A.) - TREB

THE BUYER REPRESENTATION AGREEMENTGuaranteeing You the Very Best in Real Estate Service

When it comes to just about every kind of contract, signing on the dotted line makes us all a little bit nervous.  When selling a home, most people are aware they sign a Listing Agreement with a REALTOR®. There is, however, an agreement that REALTORS® ask their home buying clients to sign. It’s an agreement that works in favour of buyers, guaranteeing the very best in real estate service. The Real Estate Council of Ontario (RECO), a public agency formed to protect consumers and regulate the industry, introduced guiding principles mandating that REALTORS® ask their clients to sign a Written Representation Agreement at the earliest possible time. When choosing representation, home buyers have the option to sign either a Buyer Representation Agreement or a Buyer Customer Service Agreement.  The Buyer Representation Agreement signifies that for a designated period of time, the buyer has engaged a spec…

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Downsizing is easier with a guiding hand

(NC) No matter whether you're an empty nester, a person looking to simplify your life, or someone who wants to help their ageing parents move into a more functional space, downsizing can be a stressful experience. A little guidance goes a long way however.
Designer Wendy Wilkinson of Oakville, Ontario specializes in helping people transition into smaller living spaces, so here are a few of her tips to make it easier: Before you begin to pack: Take multiple pictures (from various angles) of every room in your house. Each photo will give you a record and act as a reference for what to get rid of and what to keep. Photos also provide good insurance information for any moving issues. Decide ahead of time which items have sentimental value and will be making the transition with you. At the same time, if there are adult children, have them reclaim their belongings before the move. If going through sentimental items, such as photographs, is overwhelming, hire a pr…

How should you drive in winter weather?

How should you drive in winter weather?

1. Buckle up before you start driving. Keep your seat belt buckled at all times.
SLOW DOWN!- posted speed limits are for ideal travel conditions.

2. Driving at reduced speeds is the best precautionary measure against any misfortune while driving on slippery roads. "Black ice" is invisible.Be alert. Black ice will make a road look like shiny new asphalt. Pavement should look grey-white in winter.

3.Do not use cruise control. Winter driving requires you to be in full control at all times.

4.Reduce your speed while approaching intersections covered with ice or snow.

5.Allow for extra traveling time or even consider delaying a trip if the weather is inclement.

6.Drive with low-beam headlights on. Not only are they brighter than daytime running lights but turning them on also activates the tail lights. This makes your vehicle more visible.

7.Lengthen your following distance behind the vehicle ahead of you. Stopping distanc…

Quick tips to run your fireplace and furnace safely


With any luck, spring will come soon to us anxiously awaiting Ontarians. While we're still depending on our furnaces and fireplaces to keep us warm, here are a few safety fast-facts to keep top of mind, courtesy of Enbridge Gas Distribution:
For your fireplace: • Be careful near your fireplace – the glass window and ceramic surfaces stay hot long after the fireplace has been turned off. • Teach your kids that touching natural gas appliances, especially a hot natural gas fireplace, is dangerous. • Make sure your fireplace is cool before cleaning the glass – wiping hot glass with a damp cloth can crack it. • Never use a fireplace with cracked glass until it's been inspected or replaced by a licensed Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) contractor. • If your pilot light goes out, follow the manufacturer's instructions to safely relight it. For your furnace: • Check your furnace filter regularly (every three months), and clean or replace it …

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Condo market bounces back across Greater Toronto Area after 2013 slump.

By:Business Reporter,Published on Mon Feb 02 2015 (From Toronto Star Tuesday,Feb.3)

New condo sales soared back in 2014 from their 2013 slump, with developers across the Greater Toronto Area recording their third-highest level for sales ever, behind the previous highs of 2011 and 2007, according to market research firm Urbanation. At the same time, construction hoardings came down and lanes of traffic reopened in spots, as a record 20,809 condo units were actually completed, some 86 per cent of which had been pre-sold. Almost 52,500 new condos were under construction in some 198 new projects across the Greater Toronto Area as of the end of 2014, Urbanation said in a year-end report released Monday. An additional 28,447 units are in pre-construction projects that went up for sale last year and are already 69 per cent pre-sold. Even the resale-condo market showed stunning strength, with sales up 14 per cent in 2014 to a record 17,819 units. Resale pri…

Create a cozy and clutter-free kitchen

Image Clutter can disrupt the flow of any home, causing unwanted stress and frustration, especially in the kitchen. As one of the busiest rooms, maintaining a clutter-free environment will create a happier and healthier space for your family. Here are a few tips to help you achieve and maintain a fully functional, chaos-free kitchen:
1. Look better, feel better. Whether you're entertaining friends or just hanging out with family, hosting others at your house is fun, but can also be stressful. Even if it's last night's dinner dishes or wine glasses from your latest soirĂ©e, allowing clutter to pile up in the sink can negatively impact the look and feel of the entire kitchen. Finding a great faucet can make cleaning easier, while meeting your cooking and entertaining needs. Try installing the Etch pulldown kitchen faucet from Moen Canada. Its transitional style creates an elegant focal point at the sink. The high-arc pulldown spout and multi-function spray…

How To Keep The Whole Family Active Throughout The Winter

Image (NC) We all know the drill: the winds get cold, the snow begins to fall, the ice piles up. No one feels like going outside to get the mail, much less putting real effort into working out or staying active. But winter is no excuse to treat your body poorly or deprive your family of priceless memories. In fact, staying active combats feelings of restlessness, anxiety and irritation that are common in the winter months. Here are our top suggestions for fighting back against winter weariness: 1. Take a winter hike: Dress in layers and set out for a truly unparalleled adventure through your local woods or park. Fill a waterproof container up with your favourite snack and a thermos full of tea or hot chocolate and enjoy beautiful sunlight, stunning quiet and a blanket of fresh white snow. 2. Go skiing and snowboarding: Winter sports are fun for the entire family. Plus, they're a fantastic workout. Challenge yourself and test your limits at one of Canada's ma…