Thursday, 26 February 2015

Drink more water to change your life

(NC) According to a recent survey conducted by Brita, more than three quarters of Canadians admit they aren't drinking enough water and choose a sugar-sweetened beverage over healthier options.
Human bodies are composed of roughly 60 per cent water, so that means when we are dehydrated, it affects the performance of the majority of our body. Adding more water to your diet will not only improve your overall health and wellness, but it will help the body to function better. Here are four everyday things that staying hydrated will improve:

1. Headaches – Often head pain is caused by dehydration.

2. Less joint pain – Drinking water can reduce join pain by keeping the cartilage soft and           hydrated.

3. Glowing skin – Regular water consumption can improve the colour and texture of skin.

4. Weight Management – Staying hydrated is essential to maintaining a healthy diet and can     aid in weight loss.

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