Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Top spring maintenance tips for every home

(NC) No home comes maintenance free. Even a brand new house requires regular upkeep to ensure its internal environment stays healthy. If you live in a house that is less than seven years old, home maintenance is also essential for preserving your warranty rights.
Almost all new homes in Ontario come with a warranty that lasts seven years from the date of the first possession, and it is guaranteed by Tarion Warranty Corporation. The warranty protects homeowners from certain defects, violations of the Ontario Building Code, and major structural damage, among other problems. But to make sure your home stays covered, you are advised to perform regular seasonal maintenance. Here are some tips to ensure it remains in good shape:
• Clear eaves troughs of debris regularly and extend downspouts so that water is directed away from your home. Water that flows around the foundation could eventually find its way into the basement.
• Have your roof inspected regularly to ensure shingles, flashing and chimney caps are in place and sealed properly.
• Fix the caulking around windows and doors and on the roof if it becomes cracked or separated.
• Clean or replace your furnace filter.
• Check air ducts, remove covers and vacuum dust from vents.
• Investigate and identify any musty smells and odors. They are often an indicator that there is a hidden moisture problem.
• In the winter, shut off the exterior water supply and drain water lines.
• Install a winter cover for the air conditioning unit.
• Check roofing and flashing for signs of wear or damage.
• Check/clean the heat recovery ventilator (HRV); wash or replace the filter.
• Clean the mechanisms of the humidifiers.
• Check for condensation and proper humidity levels.
By following an annual maintenance routine, you can keep your new home in top shape. Information about warranty coverage, including videos on year-round maintenance and moisture control, is available online at Ongoing maintenance helps to ensure that your home stays healthy and that your statutory warranty is protected.

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