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5 ways to make an Easter flower arrangement

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Not sure where to start? Here are five ideas for beautiful Easter flower arrangements for your home.
  1. Use a candle. For a lovely evening dinner, why not feature a tall pillar candle (or series of pillar candles) surrounded by faux grass or fresh spring flowers? Look for a wide-mouthed vase as the starting point for your arrangement  and make sure your candle is solidly secured at the base. For a dramatic look, feature multiple votive candles surrounding your Easter floral arrangement at the centre of your table. 
  2. Try a basket. Forgo the usual vase and opt for a basket to feature your flower arrangement. And there’s plenty of choices available for baskets around Easter — think wire, plain woven, coloured woven, and more. Arrange some colourful grass on the bottom of the basket with pastel-coloured flowers on top and you’ve got yourself an arrangement fit for the Easter Bunny.
  3. Make it fun. Looking for a cute arrangement for your children’s table? Or something more whimsical for your adult centrepiece? Why not scatter spring flowers such as tulips, lilacs, Easter lilies, hydrangeas, daisies, Asters, and even orchids with any number of Easter-themed décor items around your home. Think: chocolate bunnies, marshmallow peeps (peeping out of the arrangement?), plastic eggs, paper or plastic grass, and more. You could pull together the arrangement in a children’s Easter basket, bucket, or even a tiered cake stand to show off your work. 
  4. Show off your tulips. Tulips are one of the ultimate spring flowers. There are many ideas here to feature these Dutch blooms. You can start simple by featuring a tall vase with a colourful bouquet of pastel flowers or opt for tulips in a single colour. Additionally, you can trim the stems short and tuck them into an Easter basket complete with grass, to be the star of Easter dinner. Tip: If you want your arrangement to last, trim those stems every few days and change the water often. 
  5. Feature a few eggs. This is the time of year when coloured eggs are all around us. Why not feature your finds at the centre of your table? There are many directions to take with this type of arrangement. You can feature the eggs with a mixture of spring flowers such as lilacs and tulips. Or arrange the eggs, spring blooms, and grass in a shiny clean bucket or basket at the centre of your table. And in case it slips your mind, don’t forget to blow out the eggs first or feature hard boiled or even plastic eggs.

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