Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Deck out your outdoors for spring

(NC) When the warm weather finally hits, nothing beats lounging in the sun on a beautiful deck in a landscaped yard. But to enjoy all the outdoor comforts of summer, there are some annual repair jobs around your outdoor space that should be completed. Once you're done this list of maintenance tips from The Home Depot Canada, your backyard will be ready for BBQ season and outdoor enjoyment.
• The cool weather of early spring is the best time to clean your deck. Sweep away any debris left from fall and winter storms. Then use a power washer to remove dirt build-up along with any mould and mildew stains that may have formed over the last year.
• Apply a fresh coat of sealant or stain to your deck on a dry day. Doing this in early spring gives it time to dry before placing patio furniture on the surface. A new coat of sealant will protect your deck from future moisture damage, fungus growth and ultraviolet light from the sun, ensuring a longer life for your backyard sanctuary.
• To ensure a green lawn in the summer, take the time this spring to rake your lawn so sunlight and water can filter down to the roots. Reseed any bare patches so that new blades of grass will be in peak growing season for a lush lawn.
• For the most robust perennials and trees this summer, prune them in early spring. Remove any dead or damaged stems before new growth begins.

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