Monday, 15 June 2015

Tips for protecting your home while you're on vacation

(NC) The excitement of going on holidays and getting away from the grind starts weeks in advance. With images of lazy days and cold drinks beginning to could your mind, it's important also to think about how to protect your home while you're away.
Relaxing on vacation is so much easier when you have the peace of mind that your home is safe and secure. So, before you check out from everyday life, do yourself a favour and follow these simple tips:
Find a watchful eye: Whether you plan to be away for three days or three weeks, you should arrange to have a trusted friend or neighbor collect your mail, mow your lawn and check in on your home while you're on vacation. James Hall, an insurance expert with Western Financial Group, recommends people call their insurance broker prior to leaving on a trip to make sure claims associated with theft or damage are covered if their home is left for an extended period. Some policies may stipulate the need to have a person checking on the home every two or three days for the policy to be valid in the event of a claim.
Don't share your travel plans with everyone: It can be tempting to share exciting trip plans with just about everyone you know. However, Hall recommends telling a limited number of people, so word does not spread to strangers that your house is sitting vacant. This applies to online activity as well, so you should never announce on social media sites like Facebook or Twitter that you are going away for a specific time.
Take measures around the house: Preparing your home for your absence isn't as simple as making sure all the windows and doors are locked. Hall says there are additional security measures to keep in mind. “It might be tempting to turn off all your lights in order to save on power, but having your house sit completely dark is tell-tale sign that nobody is home,” he says. As such, he advises setting up timers for both interior and exterior lights. Shutting off the water main is also a quick and easy step to take, and can prevent serious damage to your property from sudden leaks.
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