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6 ways to save energy by saving water

6 ways to save energy by saving water

(NC) Did you know the average family uses 360 litres of water a day? And of that, 220 litres are hot water. If the hot water in your home is heated by electricity, here are some easy ways to save that are free or low-cost:
Fix leaky taps
That leaky tap, the one that you can hear while trying to get to sleep at night, is wasting 800 litres of water per month at one drop per second. Fixing the tap is as easy as replacing a rubber washer that costs less than a coffee. This doesn't require fancy tools –a simple wrench and screw driver will have this task done quickly.
Use faucet aerators
With a twist of your wrist you can reduce water consumption by 25 to 50 per cent per tap by installing a faucet aerator. Your local retailer has a selection of models including ones with washers that don't need to be replaced.
Go low-flow
Taking a relaxing hot bath uses about 75 litres of hot water. A 5-minute shower with a low-flow shower head uses less than half of that and can save over 28,000 litres of water a year. They are easy to install and available in many models – including ones that can replicate your favourite spa shower.
Protect your clothes and save energy
Did you know that about 25 per cent of hot water is used for clothes washing? Try using cold water to wash and rinse your laundry. Not only will this save enough energy for 220 showers a year but it also protects your clothes from fading and shrinking. Another easy way to save while doing laundry is to set the water level to match the size of your load.
Crystal clear savings from your dishwasher
Start by always running a full load. Use the light or short cycle for easy-to-clean loads and the energy-saving drying cycle for additional efficiency. If you don't have that feature, open the dishwasher when the wash cycle is complete and let the dishes air dry – this can reduce your energy use by 10 per cent.
Remember Time-of-Use
By using your dishwasher and washing machine after 7 p.m. during weekdays or any time during the weekend you take advantage of off-peak energy prices.
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