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16 October 2015


As the hot summer months start to fade into a pleasant memory and the clean crisp air provides that yearly reminder that the deep freeze will soon be upon us; it’s once again time to prepare our homes for winter.
Fall Checklist

The following FALL HOME CHECKLIST can serve as a reminder of some of the more critical things that need to be taken care of.
1. Windows and Doors: Take a walk around your home and take a close look at all the doors and windows. Look for damaged caulking, gaps between cases and frames and missing weather stripping. Also take note of any peeling paint and consider repairing before winter weather impacts the integrity the components beneath.
2. Roof & Shingles: It’s always a good idea to have a professional climb a ladder and closely inspect the shingles and the overall seal. This is especially important after serve weather that may have removed shingles. The freeze and thaw of fall will wreak havoc on your roof so make sure it is in prime condition.
3. Gutters: Fall is synonymous with falling leaves and leaves can clog your gutters which frequently result in overflow of water. Many a home has suffered extensive damage when this occurs. Put on some water proof gloves, climb a ladder and make sure the gutters are clean and dry.
4. Smoke Alarms and Carbon Monoxide Detectors: Use the changing of the season as a reminder to check your batteries and to test your devices to ensure they are all in good working order.
5. Thermostat: To conserve energy through the winter months consider using this time to install a programmable thermostat. Turning the heat down automatically every night can have a huge positive impact on the size of your heating bill.
6. Your Lawn: To keep your lawn healthy; don’t let it suffocate under a thick layer of leaves.  Be sure to either move the lawn to mulch the leaves or to rake the lawns up. If left on the ground for prolonged period of time you could result in dead spots in the spring.
7. Lawnmower: Once you have moved for the final time of the year; empty the lawnmower of any left-over gas, cover it up or store in a safe drive area until needed again in the spring.
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