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Making your move as stress free as possible

Making your move as stress free as possible

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There are many reasons why you may be making a move. From moving to your first home, moving to a larger home or downsizing. Every move, regardless of the motivation, comes with its own set of pressures and challenges that can cause stress. Whether you’re hiring a mover or doing it with some friends and pizza ensuring that you are organized can make it much easier. Here are some tips we have found helpful in the past.
This is a situation where you can never have too many lists. Create to do lists and be sure to number all of your boxes and create an inventory list of all of them.
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Pack an overnight bag with all your essentials
This way when you get to your new place you have everything you need without having to start unpacking
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Dressers are boxes
Don’t spend unnecessary time packing up your dresser drawers. Buy a roll of commercial cling wrap (available at most moving supply stores) and wrap the contents of the drawer.
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Ask for help
Know peoples strengths. Some friends can help you the most with organizing and packing, some could help babysit kids or pets and others could bring the food.
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Label Everything
Boxes with the content and the room they belong in. If you remove hardware from any furniture place in in baggies with the items they belong to listed on them.
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Start preparing two weeks before
Make sure you change your address, start eating through your food supply and line up all your cable and utility changes.
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Take advantage of clear containers
For items that you will need soon (such as bedding and tools) pack them in clear storage bins. This will help you find them easily when you are in the new place.
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Hiring movers
If you’re hiring movers make sure you research them carefully and read the fine print.

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Take the time to purge!
While you’re packing up all your belongings carefully consider anything you will no longer need. Arrange to have a charity pick up unwanted items or have a garage sale.

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Moving Expenses
If you are moving for work or school you may qualify for additional deductions. Make sure you keep track of all of your expenses. 

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