Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Teach kids responsibility with regular household chores

(NC) Getting kids to help out around the house is often a struggle. Yet, encouraging your children to do household chores will benefit them in multiple ways, from teaching responsibility, organization and routine, to instilling a sense of accomplishment, boosting self-esteem and affirming that they play a valuable role within the family unit. It can improve their judgement, independence and help them to sympathize with others.
Here are the top ways to get your kids on board with daily chores:
Make it fun. Turn it into a game where they can earn points or privileges. You could also time them to see if they can beat their last record. This works really well when you have more than one child because you can turn chore time into a fun competition.
Talk about chores in a positive way. Don't associate them with punishments or complain about chores and household tasks of your own. Remember, you set the example.
Don't use a dictating tone. When asking your kids to do chores, don't ask them in a nagging or demanding way. Ask them gently so your tone doesn't give them an excuse to push back.
Create a chore schedule. This makes it fair for everyone, creates reasonable expectations, and turns it into a routine. Everyone knows what they have to do and when.
Choose age-appropriate chores. Don't give your child a chore they're going to struggle with, because is a set up for this sets them up for failure and creates negative associations. You know their abilities and strengths best, so choose chores and activities that reflect these.
Use kid-friendly supplies and equipment. Buy cleaning supplies and products that are easy for kids to use and kid-safe. Opting for the right equipment will help, too. If you're asking your child to vacuum, for example, giving them one that's hard to maneuver ultimately gives them an easy out. Retailers tell parents that they'll have no excuses with a lightweight, cordless and steerable vacuum, such as the popular Hoover Air Cordless 3.0.
Stick to the plan. Don't give up on your new family chore schedule too easily. It may take a few arguments and frustrating moments, but be both persistent and consistent until your kids understand the importance of helping out around the house. Your home and family will be better off for it.

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