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Don’t overpay for heat this winter

Don’t overpay for heat this winter Published Jessica Vitullo - December 15, 2015
Staying warm this winter is a necessity. But that doesn’t mean you have to spend a fortune to stay comfortable and cozy in your home. Improve your energy bills this month by following our guide and enlisting in a heating expert to heat your home this winter season.
Hire a pro to conduct a heat/energy assessment No matter how much your energy bills are this month, there are always adjustments you can make in your home to save a little bit more. Having said that, you’ll want to find out which areas of your home are losing the greatest amount of heat. You can’t fix the problem if you don’t know where it is, right? Hire a heating specialist to visit your home and evaluate where you can save on energy in your home. They might even offer you some advice on the heating system you have in your home and determine if it’s the right size for the size of home it’s heating. Cover drafty win…

Don’t make these mistakes when heating your home

Don’t make these mistakes when heating your home Published Jessica Vitullo - December 16, 2015 When it’s frigid outside, you’ll stop at nothing to heat your home. But did you know that cranking up the heat after coming home to a house that’s been cold for so long is bad for your furnace? Here’s a round-up of mistakes to avoid while you heat your home this coming winter season. If you’ve made them in the past, you may want to consult a heating specialist.
Ignoring a foul smell Have you ever walked around your house and thought you smelled rotten eggs? This is a very important signal to watch out for in your home, for it could be a gas leak odour. Here’s what could be happening: There could be a crack in the heat exchanger of the furnace.This is sending carbon monoxide into your home. If there’s a foul odour in your home, don’t make the mistake of spraying your home with air fresheners. Instead, vacate the premises and call 911. Once your home has been chec…

Follow this safety guide if you’re putting up holiday lights

Follow this safety guide if you’re putting up holiday lightsPublished Jessica Vitullo - December 7, 2015

December is finally here! If you’re planning on decorating your home with holiday lights to celebrate the season, you’re likely not the only one on your street! But putting up lights can be dangerous. Consider working with a licensed electrician and be sure to follow our guide on how to stay safe.
Choose the right holiday lightsIndoor and outdoor lights aren’t the same. Some lights are rated for indoor use, some for outdoor. When you’re at your local home hardware store, read the package instructions to see which lights you’re buying. It’s also important to pay attention to the recommended wattage. Don’t exceed the recommendation, or your holiday lights might blow out before Santa arrives! Avoid damage and overloaded circuitsIf you buy a bundle of string lights and notice the cord, plugs or ornaments are damaged, do NOT use them. Instead, simply replace the…

Enjoy a maintained furnace all winter long


It’s that time of year again when the snow falls, temperatures plummet and furnaces break. Although we rely on our furnaces to keep our homes warm and cozy in the cold winter months, many of us don’t give our furnaces a second thought until it breaks down, that is, and we need a furnace specialist to visit. A maintained furnace is essential this winter.

We spoke with Bill Watson of Air Plus Heating and Cooling, a Toronto-based company that has been providing furnace and air conditioner installation, service and repair for over 20 years, about how to give your furnace the love and attention it needs to keep you warm and cozy all winter long. Check filters regularly Watson says you should replace your furnace filter three to four times a year, depending on manufacturer specifications. Checking your filter frequently will help to ensure your furnace is running at optimal capacity. “A dirty or clogged furnace filter will restrict the amount of air your furnace wil…

5 steps to find the right contractor

(NC) Finding a contractor is kind of like finding a mate. Like dating, it means you have to know what you're looking for, ask a lot of questions, seek advice from friends and family and most importantly, take your time deciding. After all, the contractor you choose is vital to the success of any remodeling project you take on. Here is what you need to know to find the perfect contractor: Do your research. Make sure you've done your homework. Research your project so you have a realistic understanding of what's expected. Also compare the timeline required against existing projects your contractor may have on their plate. (Note: It is not uncommon for contractors to be working several jobs simultaneously.) This will give you an idea of how much time they can realistically devote to your project and if that works for you. Ask for advice. Referrals are the best way to find someone who is reliable. Like a partner, a good contractor will be around for the long haul. Talk to fri…

5 tips for selling your home

(NC) For many, the holiday season is a busy time that includes shopping, cooking and entertaining. Amidst the hustle, it may seem difficult to find time for selling a home. Yet some home owners would prefer to list their home at this busy time. “Sometimes professional, or personal, circumstances arise that require owners to sell their homes,” says Pat Verge, president of the Ontario Real Estate Association. “But other times home owners are simply ready to sell and the prospect of less competition from other sellers is appealing. Whatever an owner's reasons are for listing their home at this time, if done properly, the process should be successful.” Here are five tips to keep in mind if listing your home in this season: 1. Deck the halls…to a minimum: Seasonal decorations are the way to go. Minimize décor to avoid crowding your home and distracting buyers. 2. Don't hide flaws: Rather than covering up flaws with décor, take the time to fix them or keep t…