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Energize your outdoor living space

Energize your outdoor living space Published Darla Grant-Braid- April 8, 2016 Home » Decorating & Design » Energize your outdoor living space
With the arrival of spring, homeowners are looking to revive and refresh different parts of their home —and the outdoor living space is no exception. In fact, Canadian homeowners are dedicated to turning their decks, pools, and gardens into truly spectacular spaces. With that in mind, EiEiHome spoke with Hannah Taylor of Hotwire Electric, a GTA electrical company specializing in custom homes and new construction, about some creative ways that an electrical contractor can help energize a home’s outdoor living spaces. “Adding lighting and accents throughout the space is usually started by a consultation with a lighting expert like we have at Hotwire,” Taylor says. “Or even in collaboration with your landscape architect or designers”. Gardens and WalkwaysLandscape lighting in gardens and walkways creates a magical palette of shadows and light. The …

Kitchen Reno High and Low

Home » Decorating & Design » Kitchen Reno High and LowPublished - March 31, 2016 Planning a kitchen reno? Here’s how you can get the look you want at a price you can afford. Because let’s face it, renovating your kitchen is expensive. There’s no getting around it. Although considering the fact that this is arguably the most important room in your house, it’s fairly understandable why a kitchen renovation would be a costly endeavor. When you rework a living room, more often than not you’re looking at some paint, some furniture, and maybe flooring. However, with a kitchen, the list of details is expansive. You have countertops and flooring, cabinets and backsplashes, faucets, sinks, specialty lighting and appliances… and these are only the basic surface items. Oftentimes, a kitchen renovation can involve plumbing and electrical needs as well. The good news is that there are many areas where you can save money on your kitchen reno.  Here is a look at some high priced and…

Your Air Conditioner needs spring cleaning too!

Your Air Conditioner needs spring cleaning too! Home » Heating & Air Conditioning Published-April 1, 2016 It’s that time of year again. Spring! For most of us, that means shaking off the salty remains of winter, getting organized and preparing for the warmer days ahead. In other words, spring cleaning! While you undertake the task of preparing your home for spring, remember that this is also the time to maintain your air conditioner. EiEiHome spoke with Dustin McDonald from Martino HVAC  —a Greater Toronto Area heating, air conditioning and indoor air quality specialist, about how to get your air conditioner ready for spring and summer. “For most homeowners, spring is the ideal time to schedule an air conditioning tune-up”, McDonald says. “After sitting idle all winter, your system may be a little rusty and have few kinks [and] a tune-up is the best way to eliminate any negative impact the winter may have had”. Why Maintenance Matters While …