Saturday, 7 May 2016

Add eye-catching design trends to outdoor spaces this summer
(NC) Outdoor living continues to evolve, as Canadians are expanding their living spaces into the front and backyards at an increasing rate. Design enthusiasts are always looking to industry experts to discover what's new and hot in outdoor design. Here to share some of this year's latest outdoor design trends is Sharon Grech, a colour and design expert for Benjamin Moore.
Bring indoor luxe outside: Glamourous, multi-functional and classic are all key traits to keep in mind when updating the interior of the home, and the same applies for outside. “Outdoor living spaces are an extension of the home,” says Grech. “Creating backyard living rooms with sectionals and coffee tables, and front yard grand entrances with stunning doors and accessories is the new norm. Install shutters, add more trim around windows or switch out the hardware on your front or back door for something more sophisticated. It's the little updates that have the biggest impact and will bring the flow from your home's interior to the exterior.”
Design more with less: This year, it's all about simplicity in design. Eliminate clutter and select sleek furniture to achieve a minimalistic look. Go through outdoor furniture and don't be afraid to get rid of the items that don't serve a purpose. Throw out patio chairs, tables or accessories that are old and clunky. Use only a few select varieties of flowers in the garden and keep garden accessories to a minimum.
Go contemporary with pops of colour: Although designers often share their favourite neutrals, it's crucial to strategically add pops of colour to any space. Light, airy shades and dynamic jewel tones are the go-to palettes this year. Incorporate these trendy colour schemes not only with accessories, but try painting architectural features like the front or back door. To easily add a trendy splash of colour to your doors, Grech recommends English Scone or Crete Countryside from Benjamin Moore.
For best results, Grech suggests using a premium paint designed for doors, such as Aura Grand Entrance, which is specially formulated to retain colour integrity and gloss and is easy to apply.
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