Saturday, 17 September 2016

Why should you invest in URL Condos?

Why invest in Waterloo?

  • 4th largest urban center in Ontario
  • 210th Largest in Canada
  • 1 Hour and 15 minutes from Toronto
  • Google has moved in! 
  • Expected Population in 2031 701,000
  • Waterloo’s LRT ION – Rapid Transit 

Justin Trudeau endorses Waterloo in a clip of his speech at the World Economic Forum      

Go through these following articles from the media to realise, why Waterloo is the hot cake for real estate investment!

  World’s largest hardware technology hub to be built in Kitchener-Waterloo

Startup city: The high-tech fever reshaping Kitchener-Waterloo


The media continues to refer to Waterloo as "Silicon Valley North" and with 500 new technology start-ups in 2015 alone, there is a good reason. In 2007 the average price for a home in San Fransisco, California was $784,200 USD and in Mountain View, California (Silicon Valley) the average price for a home was $790,400 USD.
Today, the average price for a home in San Fransisco is $1,060,400 USD and in Silicon Valley the average price for a home is $1,430,200 USD, outperforming San Fransisco the major market by 40%.
Silicon Valley has proven to be a much more resilient market because high growth tech companies have continued to move into the area and grow even during challenging times. With Waterloo's strong economic base of high-growth technology companies, we see "Silicon Valley North" as a resilient market, with the potential to outperform other major local real estate markets.
With URL's incredible location directly across the street from Wilfrid Laurier's new Global Innovation Exchange and just steps to University of Waterloo and Technology Park (employing over 3,000 young professionals), we have no doubt that this is going to be an excellent investment for you.

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