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Winter Hacks You Need to Try.

v VIDEO: WINTER HACKS YOU NEED TO TRY. Published on December 7th, 2016 | by Danielle Williams Every winter you tell yourself you’ll be prepared for everything winter brings. But life gets busy and sometimes you forget to grab the extra things you need for winter driving. Beyond getting fitted with winter tires, filling up on anti-freeze and replacing worn out windshield wipers, there are crafty tricks you should know about for your car. We’ve put together a fun video featuring four hacks you and your car need to power through ice, sleet and snow this winter. One Can Never Have Enough Socks. Grab a pair of socks (matching or not) and use them to cover your wipers when you park. This keeps ice off your wipers and prevents them from freezing to your window. Don’t go out and buy new thermal socks either. Grab an old pair and sock it to winter! Get a Grip. Use your car interior floor mats under tires to increase grip if you get stuck in snow. On icy and snowy surfaces you’ll need extra grip…

3 questions to ask before a kitchen reno

(NC) The kitchen is at the heart of every home — and most home renovations. But a renovation of the most popular space in your home is a major undertaking, so it pays to plan ahead. “As the saying goes, 'fail to plan and plan to fail,'” reminds Lyndon Madden, product manager at GE Appliances. “And it's completely true when it comes to kitchen renos. I've talked to countless people who don't pre-select their appliances, for example, and then don't have the right size in their space to accommodate their needs.” So before you get out the sledgehammer, ask yourself: 1. How will we use the space? This applies for daily as well as special occasions. What are your unique needs? Do you prefer to cook facing guests? Do you want an island that makes it easier for people to gather around? Do you need more room for storage? What are some basic must-haves? What's on your kitchen design wish list? 2. Where will I want running water? Think outside the sink. A lot of people…

Take steps to prevent frozen pipes

Frozen Water Pipes The pipes in your home can freeze in cold weather. This can leave you with no water or cause your pipes to burst, leading to expensive property damage. Take steps to protect your pipes from freezing and learn what to do if they freeze. 

Understanding your water service pipeSteps to help prevent frozen pipesWhat to do when the temperature drops well below zeroIf you have no water – how to thaw frozen pipes in your homeUnderstanding your water service pipe Water service pipes are owned by you and the City. 
The part that the City owns runs from the watermain on the street to the property line. The part that you own runs from the property line into the home. 

Steps to help prevent frozen pipes Know where to find your main water shut-off valve and how it works (in case your pipes burst). Insulate pipes most prone to freezing, especially near outside walls and in crawl spaces, the attic and garage. This can be done with foam pipe covers available from building sup…