Wednesday, 4 January 2017

3 questions to ask before a kitchen reno

(NC) The kitchen is at the heart of every home — and most home renovations. But a renovation of the most popular space in your home is a major undertaking, so it pays to plan ahead.
“As the saying goes, 'fail to plan and plan to fail,'” reminds Lyndon Madden, product manager at GE Appliances. “And it's completely true when it comes to kitchen renos. I've talked to countless people who don't pre-select their appliances, for example, and then don't have the right size in their space to accommodate their needs.”
So before you get out the sledgehammer, ask yourself:
1. How will we use the space? This applies for daily as well as special occasions. What are your unique needs? Do you prefer to cook facing guests? Do you want an island that makes it easier for people to gather around? Do you need more room for storage? What are some basic must-haves? What's on your kitchen design wish list?
2. Where will I want running water? Think outside the sink. A lot of people forget to consider other areas where they might want running water in their kitchens. Do you want a fridge with a water dispenser or an ice maker? Does your dream kitchen include a pot filler faucet above your stove? Think through all of your options now to avoid regret later.
3. Does size matter? Madden explains that when it comes to appliances, size most certainly does. The most common sizes of a lot of appliances have changed in recent years, so if you plan to place your new fridge in the same spot as your old one, you may be disappointed by the selections available in that size and shape when you go shopping. Avoid feeling restricted and bust out the measuring tape and research your top appliance picks.
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