Your spring garden guide: Getting ready for the growing season

Can you feel it? Spring is in the air! Which means, it’s also time to get your green thumb ready. Whether you’re growing seasonal flowers or fresh fruits and vegetables, having a prepared garden means you’ll have an earlier harvest and a beautiful blooming garden faster than you can say “spring”! So, here you have it, your complete “spring garden guide” to help you get ready for the growing season:

Start as soon as possible

Spring garden guide
First things first, the most important rule of gardening is to start as early as you can. This will give your garden enough time to get itself ready to flourish once springtime hits. As soon as the warm weather comes, we recommend you grab your gardening tools and head outside – you (and your garden) will thank you later.

Clean your tools

Spring garden guide
There’s nothing better than buying a new set of gardening tools, but we both know, this can’t happen every season. However, it’s no secret that you can feel just as good about your tools, just by giving them a good clean. Garden tools can hold onto dirt, bugs and even diseases from the previous season, so be sure to give them a good scrubbing before you use them this year!

Get rid of any dead weeds and leaves

Spring garden guide
Just like you and I, plants, flowers, and crops need a clean, healthy and tidy environment to grow in. This is extremely important as it can affect how your plants grow for the entire season. Be sure to dig up and dispose of around 2.5 to 3 inches of organic matter and dispose of it, while getting rid of any hibernating pests like aphids, slugs, and snails you may come across.

Inspect your soil

Spring garden guide
After getting rid of any unwanted pests, plants and organic material it’s important you make sure your soil is just as ready for the springtime as you are. All you have to do is pick up a ball of soil – If it stays compacted in a ball, it is too early (the soil should break apart easily). Another good thing to do is to test your soil with a soil testing kit, so you will know if you need to add anything (fertilizer or compost) to it.

Set up a compost area

Spring garden guide
You don’t need a fancy bin or contraption to create your own compost area, all you need is a flat layer of land to spare! Compost will not only help decrease your garbage waste, it will also help your garden grow faster and stronger than ever. Some things you can throw in are (but not limited to): vegetable and fruit scraps, fresh grass clippings, egg and nut shells, coffee grounds, bread products, and the list goes on!

Plant a variety of seeds

Spring garden guide
Here comes the best part – planting! When it comes to plants, the more variety you have, the better! You can play around with different combinations of plants this season, just make sure you read up on each plant that makes it into your garden; as some do not play nicely with others.
We hope you enjoyed our gardening tips, and that they help inspire you to get outside and get planting! If you would like to read more great articles like this or learn more about Caliber Homes, please visit us at