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Prevent flood damage with this one essential tool

Prevent flood damage with this one essential tool

Learn how to protect your home against flood damage, with a high-water alarm system. Plus, enter to win a Tulsar Sentry Z Control high-water alarm.
With the recent heavy rainfall drenching parts of Ontario, Quebec, and the Maritimes, reports of flooding and residential water damage have been on the rise.  Ottawa and Quebec have been particularly hard hit, with hundreds of residents being forced to evacuate their homes. When they return, they will likely be faced with costly flood damage to repair. 
“All this rain has come at a time when the ground was already saturated from previous downpours, limiting its ability to absorb further rainfall. As a result, conservation authorities across the south of the province [Ontario] issued flood watches or warnings. Making things even more difficult was the fact that water levels on Lake Ontario are uncommonly high, making coastal flooding also likely.” (The Weather Network)

Protect Your Property from Flood Damage

You take many precautions to ensure that your home is a safe place for you and your family. You use locks and alarm systems to keep intruders at bay, as well as smoke and CO detectors to keep everyone safe from fires and deadly gas. But what about water?
Most people don’t think about the prospect of flood waters threatening their property or family. However, as recent events have shown, the weather can be unpredictable, and flooding does occur.
“It’s easy to feel powerless in the face of heavy rains that cause urban flooding,” says George Micevski, President of Tulsar Canada Ltd., a Brantford, Ontario.-based company that manufactures custom engineered control panels to efficiently and effectively manage water, including wastewater.

The Sentry Z Control

high water alarmProtecting your home against the threat of flooding can be as easy as installing a high-water alarm. A high-water alarm is a device to be used in conjunction with a sump pump, for the purpose of alerting you to sump pump failures before water has a chance to damage your basement.
Tulsar’s Sentry Z Control is the next generation in high-water alarms, monitoring the water level in wells, sumps, holding tanks or septic tanks. If the water begins rising or the pump stops working, the Wi-Fi-enabled Sentry Z Control sends a text or email to alert the homeowner of a pending problem. It is also equipped with an audible alarm and light, which can be controlled remotely through the Sentry Z Control app and online interface.
The Tulsar Sentry alarm is easy to use and very reliable. Its water-detection capabilities are accurate, and the alert is easy to hear at various distances. Of course, its real strength is the ability to delivery SMS, text, and email alerts, along with the ability to remotely silence and reset the alarm through both App and Web interfaces.
For more information or to enquire about purchasing a Tulsar Sentry for your home, contact Tulsar by Email or call 519-748-5055 ext. 102.

Win A Sentry Z Control!

Tulsar is giving away a free Sentry Z Control water alarm on Protect your home from the threat of flood water, now, by entering to win on The winning name will be drawn Friday, May 26thEnter now!

About Tulsar Canada

Tulsar Canada is a leading designer and manufacturer of pump control panels. All of their control panels are crafted by hand in Brantford, Ontario . They specialize in pump control solutions for the municipal, industrial, environmental, and recreation sectors.
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