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150 Reasons we love being Canadian!

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1. Free healthcare
2. World renowned politeness
3. Visits from the Royal Family
4. Cultural diversity
5. Poutine
6. Ketchup Chips
7. Hockey Night In Canada
8. CBC’s Peter Mansbridge
9. Tim Hortons
10. Canadian comedians like Jim Carrey, Martin Short, Mike Myers, Will Arnett, Michael Cera, Eugene Levy, John Candy and Russell Peters
11. Wayne Gretzy
12. High Park’s Cherry Blossom festival
13. Inclusivity
14. Nanaimo bars from B.C.
15. Canadian spelling: favourite, colours, neighbours
16. The smell of Evergreens
17. Rick Mercer
18. Frank Gehry’s Art Gallery of Ontario
19. Maple Syrup taffy
20. Whale watching in Newfoundland
21. Habitat 67 in Montreal
22. Indigenous wisdom and history
23. Harvey’s
24. Great inventors like James Naismith and Alexander Graham Bell
25. Skating on the Rideau Canal
26. Street-smart, urban wildlife
27. Freedom
28. The Northern Lights
29. Chan Centre for the Performing Arts in Vancouver
30. Coastlines and lakeshores
31. West Coast Trail at Vancouver Island
32. Multi-generational households
33. Anne of Green Gables by L.M. Montgomery
34. Multilingual communities
35. Portaging
36. Wendy’s
37. Autumn colours
38. Icicle-covered roofs
39. Salmon Fishing
40. Fogo Island Inn in Newfoundland
41. Accessible education
42. Toronto’s Pride Parade
43. Summer festivals
44. The Art Gallery of Alberta
45. Algonquin Park
46. Snow days
47. Canadian Musicians like Drake, The Tragically Hip, Rush, Bryan Adams, The Weeknd, Justin Bieber, Celine Dion and Neil Young
48. Shared social services
49. Free speech
50. Skiing in Whistler
51. Art Gallery of Alberta
52. Camping
53. Fish & chips in St. John’s
54. George Stroumboulopoulos
55. Remembrance Day
56. The parliament buildings in Ottawa
57. Canada Dry Ginger Ale
58. The Rockies
59. Joie de Vivre
60. Canadian Prairies
61. Colourful money
62. Canadian Musuem of Civilization in Gatineau
63. The red Maple Leaf
64. Sydney Crosby
65. Farmers markets and local veggies
66. Great women in history like Kim Campbell, the Famous Five and the Women’s Suffrage movement.
67. Fresh lobster to-go at St. John’s Airport
68. Joe Louis
69. The green roof at the Vancouver Convention Centre
70. Trans-Canada travel
71. Snow shoeing
72. Bike Trails
73. Economic and social mobility for all
74. Montreal Bagels
75. The beautiful Great Lakes
76. Cobblestone streets in Old Montreal
77. Democracy
78. Beaver Tails
79. Shows like Trailer Park Boys, Murdoch Mysteries, Degrassi and Breaker High
80. Notre-Dame Basilica
81. Swiss Chalet
82. Georgian Bay
83. True sportsmanlike conduct
84. Cottaging in Muskoka
85. Music Festivals like Osheaga, Way Home, OVO, Ottawa and Bluesfest
86. Butter tarts
87. Chris Hadfield tweeting about space travel
88. Opéra de Montréal
89. Kraft Dinner
90. Kluane National Park and Reserve in the Yukon
91. OCAD in Toronto
92. Canadian bacon
93. Superman creator Joe Shuster
94. Natural beauty from Sea to Sea
95. Female athletes like Clara Hughes, Christine Sinclair, Genie Bouchard and Cheryl Bernard
96. Ice fishing
97. The 6ix
98. Hershey Factory in Ottawa
99. Maison Symphonique De Montreal
100. Oktoberfest in Kitchener-Waterloo
101. Open minds and open hearts
102. Beautiful forests
103. Canadian Pacific Railway
104. Respect for all
105. Endless adventures
106. Valuing and preserving natural habitats and wildlife
107. Cultural differences across the country
108. Caesars
109. Honouring our rich history
110. Hot apple cider
111. Monique-Corriveau in Quebec City
112. National pride
113. Smoked meat
114. National parks
115. Life of Pi by Yann Martel
116. Sense of community
117. Coffee Crisps
118. Fresh water from the tap
119. Science World in Vancouver
120. Campfires
121. Hot dogs with ketchup
122. McLobsters at McDonald’s on the East Coast
123. Hiking in Canmore
124. Amazing post-secondary education institutions
125. Traffic jams for crossing moose, deer, geese, beavers, turtles, ducks and other critters
126. Smarties
127. P.E.I. Potatoes
128. May Two-Four long weekend
129. Margaret Atwood
130. Crown Royal Whiskey
131. The CN Tower in Toronto
132. Bob and Doug McKenzie
133. Toques, Scarves, Mitts and Boots
134. Canadian beer
135. Canada Goose coats
136. Mounties
137. Split Pea soup
138. Wine tasking in Okanagan Valley
139. The Group of 7
140. Williamson Chong’s House in Frogs Hollow, Ontario
141. Street hockey until it’s dark outside
142. Bagged milk
143. Niagara Falls
144. The Loonie and Toonie
145. Canadian talent like Rachel McAdams, Donald and Kiefer, The Ryans and many more
146. Cree Cultural Institute in Quebec
147. The national anthem
148. Hot Chocolate with marshmallows
149. Great breweries across the country
150. Seeing backpacks with Canadian flag stickers all over the world


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