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Products to stretch your small space


Products to stretch your small space

Music to my ears

With the advent of music streaming services and the digitization of our own collections, the footprint devoted to creating spectacular sound has shrunk. There is no more need for expensive and inflexible wiring. Wireless speakers from Sonos come in a variety of sizes (match to the size of your space), and can be paired together for stereo sound. Best of all, they only need to be plugged in where you want them, and can be controlled from your computer or device. Never has it been so easy to have music flow through your entire space!

Freezer magic

Appliances in small spaces often come in more diminutive sizes, putting pressure on how much food we can keep. Even if you live in a petite place, buying food at its freshest or when it’s on sale never loses its appeal. The FoodSaver Vacuum Sealer goes a long way to maximizing not only what you can store in your freezer because you’re not wasting any space on oxidizing air, but it also means your food will keep fresher up to five times as long. The clear bags not only let you see everything easily (critical for any effectively organized space), they are sturdy enough to transfer from freezer to hot water without compromising. Space savings, money savings and efficiency make for a win-win-win solution!

Storage space super tools

To get the most out of every closet and cupboard in your place, you’ll want to think first about which items belong in each space. Ideally this will be based on proximity to use, but if space is really tight, then grouping like shapes can also be helpful. Tools such as the Harmony Twill line of organizers from Neatfreak make it easy to divide your closets to organize what you need to store. Work from the bottom up and install shelving on the floor for footwear or paperwork. Hang a lower closet bar to double short hanging space. Add hanging sweater or shoe organizers to hold clothing and accessories or even office supplies. Neatclips provide versatility on to hook on boots, belts, purses and more. Use bins and drawers on the top shelf to keep things tidy and manageable, and from falling on your head!

Kitchen space savers

Condo kitchens seem to be getting smaller and smaller. If you enjoy eating and entertaining at home, you’ll want to look to Joseph Joseph who cater to small, design savvy kitchens. You’ll find everything from the smallest can opener, to simplified scissors, to a twist whisk and graters which store flat. As well, new in their Intelligent Waste line is the Stack system which allows you to build the garbage, recycling and compost centre you need stacked in the open, or tucked into a cupboard.

Multifunction furniture

Look for smartly designed furniture to meet more of your functional needs. Examples include ottomans that serve as seating and storage and coffee tables that lift up to serve as dining tables. If you’re trying to combine an office and guest bedroom, consider the Hemnes bed from Ikea. It appears to be a simple day bed, yet offers built-in deep draw
Photo: Dann Taers (a great place to store the bedding), and surprisingly can expand its full width to become a king size bed! This allows you to preserve some floor space in the office yet turn it into an ultra-comfortable sleeping space when guests arrive.rdif

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