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The 7 Things You Need To Know About Duct Cleaning


The 7 Things You Need To Know About Duct Cleaning

How much do you really know about the importance of maintaining the ducts in your home? For many Canadian homeowners, the answer  is “very little”. That’s why sat down with duct cleaningextraordinaire Dave Reyes of Dave’s Duct Cleaning, a GTA industry leader in duct maintenance.
We asked Dave seven questions on the most pressing topics in duct cleaning to make sure that everyone leaves today’s article feeling educated and empowered on a topic that often goes under the radar.
All question responses courtesy of Dave Reyes – Dave’s Duct Cleaning.

1. What is the #1 reason why someone should have their duct cleans? What are some of the secondary reasons?

a)  Prevention – The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) says if not properly installed, maintained, and operated, components of forced air systems may become contaminated with particles of dust, pollen or other debris. When moisture is present, the potential for microbiological growth, mold, increases and spores from such growth may be released into the home’s living space. Some of these contaminants may cause allergic reactions or other symptoms in people if they are exposed to them.  Our customers have their air ducts cleaned typically after a major renovation or when they assume new ownership of their home.  They don’t know what type of cleanliness existed prior to occupancy and would like to have peace of mind that whatever they can’t see is clean and more importantly – allows for their equipment to operate as designed.
b) Maintenance –If there is debris or contamination within the HVAC system; your HVAC equipment isn’t operating at its optimal or peak efficiency.  For example, if there is accumulation of dirt anywhere that the air stream touches, then air flow becomes restricted.  Areas of your home may not receive sufficient air flow because of this buildup of debris.  Over time, debris will accumulate in the duct work of your workplace or home.  Just like an oil change in your car, it’s ideal to maintain the delivery system of heating and cooling in your home as well.

 2. Can duct cleaning improve the air quality in a home?

Yes.  However, in order to maintain a high level of clean air – other filtration products would need to be introduced.  At the onset, a proper and thorough air duct cleaning service by NADCA* certified technicians would improve the air quality of your home as all dirt and debris would be removed.  Over time, contamination is inevitable but the rate of contamination could always be mitigated with the introduction of HEPA filtration.
*NADCA – North American Duct Cleaning Association

3. How much does the average job cost?

Our rate is $349 + HST up to 16 vents with each additional vent is $5.  We always send 2 NADCA certified technicians and always take before/after pictures.

4. How long does a job take, what’s involved?

Every job site is different, however – on average, with 2 NADCA certified technicians, we budget approx. 1 hr for every 1000 sq ft.  There is typically 1 vent for every 100 sq ft.  Therefore, if your home is 2000 sq ft, it would take approx. 2 hours to complete with 2 NADCA certified technicians.  This also depends on accessibility.  Finished basements typically take longer than unfinished basements due to access.

5. What should I look for when hiring a duct cleaner?

The technicians providing the service should have earned their own NADCA certifications.  The team should be taking before/after pictures to illustrate to their customer the level of cleanliness they were able to achieve.  And online sentiment is important.  Is the company reputable and what do other customers have to say.

6. What are some of the benefits ( financial or otherwise) of annual duct cleaning? 

None. When done properly, air duct cleaning is a service that need not be done again for at least 5-7 years per NADCA standards.  In fact, if clean air is important to you then introducing a regular cleaning routine and HEPA filtration products should prolong the need for air duct cleaning up to 9-10 years depending on environmental factors such as mature trees and proximity to high traffic areas (highways, major intersections etc).

 7. Anything else you want people to know about duct cleaning or your company in particular?

The company was started as a direct result of being scammed by an unscrupulous air duct cleaning company that held no certifications or had any integrity regarding the services they claimed to be doing – it’s been the goal of this company ever since to educate and to simply provide an honest and professional experience to those customers looking for a proper and thorough air duct cleaning service.  In the past 6 years, I believe we’re doing that.

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These 4 Mistakes are Costing You Vital Storage Space
At this time, just as a new year lies before us, organizing the house is a high priority for many people. You’re probably thinking about cleaning, clearing and decluttering. As you work, there’s a strong chance that you may be wishing that your home had more storage.  The good news is that you might have more storage space than you think.
Here are 4 common mistakes that could be preventing you from maximizing your home’s storage space.
storage space
Source: Country Living
  1. Empty Walls – Your walls are filled with potential storage space. It’s tucked in between the studs and under the stairs, just waiting to be used. Adding recessed built-ins is a fantastic way to increase the storage in homes of all sizes. You can add small closets, built-in drawers, and cubbies, or even create a small nook for reading or computer use. If you aren’t an experienced DIYer with some construction know-how, contact a contractor to learn more about your options.
storage space
Source: Structube
  1. Single Purpose Furniture –Whenever possible, make your furniture do double duty. When shopping for a new ottoman or bench, select a piece with either a hinged top or lift off the top. You can use it to store blankets, books, or even children’s toys. Your bed can provide extra storage, either in the form of a design that incorporates things like bookcase and cubbies or with the help of flat storage containers, specially designed to fit under the bed.
storage space
Source: HomesFeed
  1. Bare Door Backs – The backs of your interior doors, closet doors, and even cupboard doors are fantastic spots to store small things. Don’t leave them bare. Instead, make use of coated wire hanging systems for larger things like wrapping paper, umbrellas, and pantry items. Fabric shoe organizers are perfect for keeping toiletries in order behind bathroom doors or in a hall closet. Try placing hooks mounted with removable adhesive on the backs of cupboard doors. This is a great way to hang utensils, kitchen wrap, foil, tea towels, and even pot lids.

  1. Mistaking Hording for Curating –One of the biggest clutter-causing mistakes people make is confusing hording for curating. While both involve acquiring possessions for their aesthetics and enjoyment, curation is highly selective and prioritizes quality. Conversely, hording places the priority on quantity. Whether someone favors figurines, sports memorabilia, or even shoes, the best way to minimize excess is to add only high-quality pieces to your collection.

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