Saturday, 12 January 2019

How to prepare your home for the cold

Winter inspection: How to prepare your home for the cold

(NC) It seems like every year the colder months are bringing increasing unpredictability. From your morning commute to local power lines, we know that sudden cold snaps, hail and ice storms can do some serious damage. With this checklist, you’ll know how to best ready your home for the coming months.
Foundation. It’s easy to overlook this area, but it’s key to start from the bottom up. In times of milder weather, you may not have noticed slight marks in your foundation, but now is the time to do a thorough check. The warming and cooling over the summer and fall months may have caused the concrete in your foundation to expand, contract and potentially crack. With a cold winter on its way, it’s important to get these cracks fixed so there’s no space for snow and ice to get in, potentially creating larger cracks later on.
Roof. Take a quick look around your attic or crawl space to ensure you have the right amount of insulation between your living space and roof. When your heat is on, you don’t want to be trapping condensation that may eventually freeze.
Pipes. Another item on your checklist should be your pipes. Those located on or near exterior walls can freeze and burst throughout the winter, causing havoc to your home. Make sure you consult a professional to confirm your household pipes are in good shape, so you can take on the unexpected with this important behind-the-scenes part of your home’s system.
Home insurance. When inspecting your home, be mindful to prepare for the things you can’t guarantee won’t happen, like an ice storm that could cause serious damage. Make sure you’re covered for the unexpected. With PC Home Insurance, you can determine the best plan for your family.

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