Wednesday, 6 February 2019

Why should you invest in SAGE KINGSTON?

Download Kingston Fast Facts - why Kingston is the strongest rental market in Ontario and why you should invest today for half the price of Toronto!

About Queen's University:

Queen’s University has the largest endowment fund per student in Ontario
•    #1 graduation rate with 87% graduating in 2016
•    94.8% retention rate from 1st to 2nd-year students
•    The highest number of A+ students of any university in Canada
•    Average grade of A+ or 89.2% for incoming students
•    The highest number of award-winning faculty
•    Bloomberg Businessweek ranks Queen’s MBA #1 in the world for teamwork
•    Maclean’s 2016 Rankings report ranked Queen’s #1 in student satisfaction

Rental Market in Kingston:

•    Kingston has the lowest vacancy rate in Ontario
•    The healthy vacancy rate is considered to be 3%. Kingston has a 0.7% vacancy rate
•    Among the new building (built after 2005) vacancy rate is only 0.3%
•    Kingston has the 3rd highest rental rates in Ontario only behind Toronto and Ottawa
•    Rental rates increased 3.6% 2016-17
•    The current supply of student rentals are 50-100-year-old houses in poor condition, no amenities, and high maintenance costs
•    1- and 2-bedroom new purpose-built luxury accommodations are scarce and highly sought after
•    Students at Queen’s pay $750-800/month for a bedroom in a 5-7 bedroom house. More than 40% more than the same type of accommodation in Waterloo or Hamilton
•    Low supply has led to record low vacancy rates and very high rental rates
•    In addition, wealthy students and a growing number of international students desire luxury private accommodations and they can afford higher prices

Reasons to invest in SAGE KINGSTON:

SageKingston Condos, a purpose built off-campus student residence which is literally walking distance to Queen’s University. Queen’s on-campus housing only has 4,500 beds for 27,149 students which leaves an enormous lack of on-campus student residences which brings us to this no risk and guaranteed returns based opportunity. Kingston has the lowest vacancy rate in Ontario that decreased to 0.4%* in 2018 for 1 to 3 bedroom units.
- 15-minute walk to Queen's University
- The supply shortage of housing in Kingston
- Kingston has the lowest vacancy rate in Ontario
- Kingston has high rental rates only Toronto and Ottawa have higher
- Queen's University has the highest number of A+ students of any University
- The number of foreign students increased by 187% in Kingston over the last 3 years
- 53% increase in student enrolment 2000-2016
- The first Sage Condo in Kingston
- Protected water view of Lake Ontario

Kingston has the lowest vacancy rate in Ontario and the problem is even worse for students. Queen's student body has grown by 56% in the last 10 years and the housing available is old, poorly maintained, and more expensive than any other university town in Ontario. Queen's has a large proportion of mature graduate students, international students, and students from wealthy families. They desire brand-new, private, luxury accommodations and Sage Kingston will deliver just that.   
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