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White walls are a tried and true decor option found predominantly in our bedrooms, living rooms, and kitchens. There are many versatile styles associated with white space, including scandi and pared-down minimalism – these are styles that flourish most in areas with an abundance of natural light.
To gain a better appreciation for the simplicity and beauty of white space, here are 7 ways to integrate this timeless décor trend in your home.

1. White with Pastels

Image Source: Decoholic
Use chalky pastel accessories, art, and furniture to soften stark white walls. You can even try using patterned vintage floral designs to create more of a statement.

2. Wallpaper Accents

Image Source: Waplag
If you like taking décor dares and are looking for a quirky look, try putting some funky wallpaper accents up to dress up your white space.

3. Modern White Kitchen

Image Source: st.hzcdn
Create a modern kitchen by spicing up white walls with black light covers, dark colored flooring and dark window trims. The contrast looks so chic!

4. Scandinavian Black and White Bathroom

Image Source: Taizh
Scandi décor style consists of a large amount of white space broken up by high contrast tones and statement accessories (like marble countertops or a bright pink bathmat). Bold and dramatic, this décor style works great in bathrooms and gives off a very modern ambiance.

5. Purple Highlights

Image Source: Qarmazi
A purple combination (especially on the walls) will make your all-white bedroom more charming and personalized. This is a great, youthful style suitable for teenager bedrooms and dorm rooms.

6. All White Living Room

Image Source: Magic 4 Walls
Try an all-white living room look, interspersing colorful paintings, pillows, couches and a glass table within the space to create a cozy space that’s perfect for entertaining.

7. Simple All White Bedroom

Image Source: Drawhome
We love the tranquility and simplicity of a white-walled bedroom. Be sure to use dark accents, artwork and furniture throughout the space, too!

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5 savvy renovations to make your kitchen look like new

5 savvy renovations to make your kitchen look like new

(NC) The kitchen is the heart and focal point of any home. But if yours is looking a little tired, a few simple renovations can change the feel of the entire space.
Whether you’ve just moved in, have been meaning to update for years or are experiencing life changes, remember that a kitchen uplift doesn’t have to come with a huge price tag. These small-scale projects could be the change your kitchen needs: 
  1. Brighten it up. Adding LED lights below your cabinets will brighten your backsplash and counter and provide a warm glow. Place your favorite containers below to act as focal points – those copper canisters that are hiding under the island and the marble coasters you couldn’t resist can now all be on display.
  2. Swap the old with the new. The backsplash is the first thing you see, so replacing it can be enough to give the space a whole new look. Try a unique shape or color to change things up, like turquoise or patterned tiles, hexagon-shaped tiles or even a full slab of stainless steel.
  3. Rework what you have. People often think new cabinets are necessary for a kitchen reno, but a lot can be done with what you’ve got. Repainting the cabinets and switching out the knobs to chic new handles will do wonders for a makeover.
  4. Don’t hide away. Try adding some open shelving in an unused spot, such as above the sink or window, or next to the cabinets. Display your most beautiful dishes and add some decorative pieces to give the space a modern, airy feel.
  5. Add new materials into the mix. Changing the island to a butcher-block counter adds warmth and practicality.
Taking on a renovation can often feel overwhelming. But if you talk to your contractor about budgeting and spreading out payments through services like The Home Depot Project Loan, it can be easier than you think. The service allows you to finance any home projects, big or small and is available at locations across Canada.

Wednesday, 6 February 2019

Why should you invest in SAGE KINGSTON?

Download Kingston Fast Facts - why Kingston is the strongest rental market in Ontario and why you should invest today for half the price of Toronto!

About Queen's University:

Queen’s University has the largest endowment fund per student in Ontario
•    #1 graduation rate with 87% graduating in 2016
•    94.8% retention rate from 1st to 2nd-year students
•    The highest number of A+ students of any university in Canada
•    Average grade of A+ or 89.2% for incoming students
•    The highest number of award-winning faculty
•    Bloomberg Businessweek ranks Queen’s MBA #1 in the world for teamwork
•    Maclean’s 2016 Rankings report ranked Queen’s #1 in student satisfaction

Rental Market in Kingston:

•    Kingston has the lowest vacancy rate in Ontario
•    The healthy vacancy rate is considered to be 3%. Kingston has a 0.7% vacancy rate
•    Among the new building (built after 2005) vacancy rate is only 0.3%
•    Kingston has the 3rd highest rental rates in Ontario only behind Toronto and Ottawa
•    Rental rates increased 3.6% 2016-17
•    The current supply of student rentals are 50-100-year-old houses in poor condition, no amenities, and high maintenance costs
•    1- and 2-bedroom new purpose-built luxury accommodations are scarce and highly sought after
•    Students at Queen’s pay $750-800/month for a bedroom in a 5-7 bedroom house. More than 40% more than the same type of accommodation in Waterloo or Hamilton
•    Low supply has led to record low vacancy rates and very high rental rates
•    In addition, wealthy students and a growing number of international students desire luxury private accommodations and they can afford higher prices

Reasons to invest in SAGE KINGSTON:

SageKingston Condos, a purpose built off-campus student residence which is literally walking distance to Queen’s University. Queen’s on-campus housing only has 4,500 beds for 27,149 students which leaves an enormous lack of on-campus student residences which brings us to this no risk and guaranteed returns based opportunity. Kingston has the lowest vacancy rate in Ontario that decreased to 0.4%* in 2018 for 1 to 3 bedroom units.
- 15-minute walk to Queen's University
- The supply shortage of housing in Kingston
- Kingston has the lowest vacancy rate in Ontario
- Kingston has high rental rates only Toronto and Ottawa have higher
- Queen's University has the highest number of A+ students of any University
- The number of foreign students increased by 187% in Kingston over the last 3 years
- 53% increase in student enrolment 2000-2016
- The first Sage Condo in Kingston
- Protected water view of Lake Ontario

Kingston has the lowest vacancy rate in Ontario and the problem is even worse for students. Queen's student body has grown by 56% in the last 10 years and the housing available is old, poorly maintained, and more expensive than any other university town in Ontario. Queen's has a large proportion of mature graduate students, international students, and students from wealthy families. They desire brand-new, private, luxury accommodations and Sage Kingston will deliver just that.   
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How to prepare your home for the cold

Winter inspection: How to prepare your home for the cold

(NC) It seems like every year the colder months are bringing increasing unpredictability. From your morning commute to local power lines, we know that sudden cold snaps, hail and ice storms can do some serious damage. With this checklist, you’ll know how to best ready your home for the coming months.
Foundation. It’s easy to overlook this area, but it’s key to start from the bottom up. In times of milder weather, you may not have noticed slight marks in your foundation, but now is the time to do a thorough check. The warming and cooling over the summer and fall months may have caused the concrete in your foundation to expand, contract and potentially crack. With a cold winter on its way, it’s important to get these cracks fixed so there’s no space for snow and ice to get in, potentially creating larger cracks later on.
Roof. Take a quick look around your attic or crawl space to ensure you have the right amount of insulation between your living space and roof. When your heat is on, you don’t want to be trapping condensation that may eventually freeze.
Pipes. Another item on your checklist should be your pipes. Those located on or near exterior walls can freeze and burst throughout the winter, causing havoc to your home. Make sure you consult a professional to confirm your household pipes are in good shape, so you can take on the unexpected with this important behind-the-scenes part of your home’s system.
Home insurance. When inspecting your home, be mindful to prepare for the things you can’t guarantee won’t happen, like an ice storm that could cause serious damage. Make sure you’re covered for the unexpected. With PC Home Insurance, you can determine the best plan for your family.

Friday, 19 October 2018

Give your home new life with these tips

            Give your home new life with these tips

(NC) As the change in weather has us retreating indoors, take some time to spruce up your interiors with these design ideas.
Play with paint. One of the most budget-friendly ways to change up space is with paint. You can use it to refresh antique or dated furniture, or you can create a whole new ambiance with a new wall color. For the cooler months, try dark, nearly black walls to add depth to a room. Keep it warm and inviting with lighter furnishings and décor; the deep shade will accentuate their silhouettes for a striking finish.
Re-theme a room. Whether it’s your bedroom, kitchen or living room, switching up the style of a room can dramatically improve the overall look and feel. Try a new color palette, or a different aesthetic like rustic, contemporary or cottage to create a renewed environment.  For an affordable makeover, focus on smaller but impactful elements like textures, accents, furniture, and décor.
Frame your view. Transform a boring basic window with gorgeous shades that do more than add style and polish. Hunter Douglas’ innovative custom window treatments offer light control for the perfect amount of natural sunlight, elegant performance fabrics for energy efficiency and UV protection, and intelligent shade operating systems for convenient smart home integration. Purposeful, polished window coverings give any room a finished look.
Organize chaos. Improving your home’s organization can make your entire living space feel fresh and welcoming. So take some time to clear out the clutter and use drawer and closet organizers to find an out-of-sight place for every trinket. If you have a small space, choose smart storage solutions that work double duty. And don’t forget your entryway. As the first impression of your home, it’s essential to keep neat and tidy. Use a coat rack and bench that doubles as shoe storage for an organized and seamless appearance.

Thursday, 4 October 2018

5 Simple Ways To Get Your Home Ready For Sale

5 Simple Ways To Get Your Home Ready For Sale

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Selling your home? We’ve compiled a few simple tips to help make your home stand out in the crowd!
Maximize curb appeal
The exterior of your home is critical to selling. It is important to make a first impression to ‘wow’ potential buyers. Make sure bushes are trimmed, the lawn is mowed, and replace any dead grass. If your house has siding, use a pressure washer to carefully clean the exterior, make sure the windows are clean inside and out, and be sure to clear out the gutters. Add color to your home, by adding flowers or hanging baskets. Applying fresh paint to doors or your mailbox is a cost-effective way to make your house stand out.
Beautify the exterior of your home to maximize appeal for potential buyers.
A great way to start the inside of your home is to remove as much clutter as you can, as too much clutter is a turn-off for potential buyers. It prevents them from being able to picture themselves living in the home. Begin with taking down photos and knick-knacks; you’ll have to do it eventually, so start early. In addition, pack-up kids toys or pet supplies to help further declutter. You may even invest in a storage unit to temporarily store excess furniture. Too much furniture may hinder the buyers’ vision for space.
Put away toiletries in your washrooms and have all towels one uniform colour. This small detail can make a big difference in taking your bathroom to the next level. Organize cabinets and closets as people will look through them. In the kitchen, have counters as clear as possible. Remove small appliances like toasters or can openers, and take away any food you’d normally keep out. Clear counters are important for the buyers to visualize what they’d like to do with the space.
Keep kitchen counters decluttered to help buyers see their vision of the space.
Do a super clean of your entire home! If time is of the essence, consider hiring a cleaning company and steam clean your carpets, if necessary, it will greatly impress potential purchasers.
Make sure everything is in top condition for potential buyers. Light is key to ensure purchasers are getting a good look. Change light bulbs that have gone out, so potential purchasers know there is nothing wrong with the electrical. Consider upping the wattage in areas that tend to get dark. Replace worn carpets, cracked tiles, and other little things you may overlook on a day to day basis, so it appears as less work that needs to be done upon moving in.
Consider repainting one or two of your main rooms. While bright colors are great to live in, neutral colors like tans, taupes and greys are better for selling.
Consider repainting some rooms to give them a fresh feel.
Add Technology
Today’s homebuyers love a smart home. Use technology to boost your home’s appeal by adding a smart thermostat or other devices that can be controlled by a smartphone, attracting tech-savvy buyers. Consider adding a smart lock or smoke detectors. Make sure that your realtor knows how to demonstrate these devices, to maximize selling potential.
Consider adding a smart thermostat to give your home an extra technological element, via Consumer Reports
Stage Your Home
Try adding soft textures and colors to your home to appeal to a wider audience. Mirrors are also a great choice as they can make a room feel larger and lighter. Install a battery-powered scent diffuser, add seasonal bouquets in the dining room, kitchen or living room, or bake cookies prior to visitors to make potential purchasers comfortable and feel at home. These few small, and cost-efficient, tips can make a large difference in a room. Ask your realtor for advice or consider hiring a staging professional to try some new ideas. Also, don’t forget to check out our earlier blog on some great home staging tips.
Neutral colors to allow potential buyers to think of the space as a blank canvas.
Anyone who puts their house on the market wants to have the process as speedy as possible. You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression so maximize and beautify your space, and you’ll have buyers lining up to see your home!
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Small makeovers, big style impact

Small makeovers, big style impact

(NC) Sometimes you want to create a major change in your home, but don’t want to shell out for an expensive renovation. Fortunately, you can use these tips to makeover any space.


 Instantly make this room look sophisticated and transformed with a new backsplash. Since it’s a relatively small surface area, you can splurge on more luxurious tiles to create the aesthetic of your dreams, whether it’s sleek and modern or rustic and country. Finish off the room by swapping out cabinet hardware for a fresh and polished look.

Living room:

The right window coverings can add value, style and ambiance to your main living area. Frame the space with custom-designed window treatments from Hunter Douglas that let you choose the perfect fabric, size and style, whether you have patio or sliding glass doors or a bay window. Their shades offer both natural light and privacy, as well as energy efficiency and smart-home operating systems that move the shades automatically to their perfect positions throughout the day.


Switching up the bed linens can have a major effect on the mood in your bedroom, whether you want to go for chic and cheerful or eclectic and bohemian. Just be careful not to be too matchy-matchy with your comforter, sheets and pillows — it screams bed in a bag, which lacks style and personality. Instead, add your own flair with a variety of colours and patterns for space that is unique to you.


It’s wise to keep plumbing where it is, as moving the location of your sink or tub can be a pricey move that isn’t worth the expense. For a more affordable makeover, focus on decorative elements that can give you that home-spa feel. Add a bold frame to the vanity mirror and invest in open storage shelves. Store personal items in drawers or textured baskets, and line shelves with plush towels, candles and live greenery for a lush, comforting ambience.


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